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Given the rapid advances in technology, it is vital to ensure that a company’s website is a living and breathing entity. It is faster for a customer to implement a technology-enabled service than to implement in a traditional hardware or on-premise software implementation. These services are typically easier, cheaper and faster to configure than their in-premise counterparts.

Products and Projects of DataSoft NEXT

List of the Projects:

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

  a. IoT VCC Development for Air Conditioning Solutions.

  b. Water Utility Management Automation.

2. Augmented/Virtual Reality

  a. VR Representation of IMLI Museum.

  b. N360 App (Driver's Guide) for Android & iOS.

Internet of Things (IoT)

DataSoft NEXT has a team of enthusiastic IoT engineers. Because of the increasing demand for mobility and the potential for user insights, we have been utilizing cutting edge IoT technology and performing with it for the last six years to drive innovation. Our IoT workforce is knowledgeable and qualified, and they can design, solve or customize any assignment. 

IoT VCC Development for Air Conditioning Solutions

This product is a result of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


  • Develop application in Web, native iOS and android platforms for AC Central Controller for Building Manager (commercial) and Owner (residential).
  • Define robust UX/UI for Central Controller Application that can become the primary interface between AC and customers with the possibility of enable additional value and services.
  • Centralized Control Functions.
  • Energy Management and Visualization.
  • User Management.

Water Utility Management Automation

The app DataSoft NEXT designed improves the accuracy of billing system which in turn reduces wastage of water as well as saves the Govt. revenue.

Key Features:

  • GSM based meter reading.
  • Wireless water meters.
  • Low battery warning or alarm.
  • Bill management system and report.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

A dedicated development wing completely focusing on Augmented/Virtual Reality based solutions. We are evolving with the dynamic shift with the technology to provide innovative and immersive content. Constant tinkering with AR/VR development and rapid prototyping are just parts of our daily work.

VR Representation of IMLI Museum

VR representation of IMLI museum with all the relevant information which can be interacted by the user.


  • Library Automation. 
  • Museum Management. 
  • 3D Museum. 
  • Archiving. 
  • Document Management.
  • Interactive PDF System.
  • Dynamic Website & Mobile Application.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Accounting Information System.

    VR experience of IMLI Museum

    N360 app (Driver's Guide) for Android & iOS

    N360 App (Driver's Guide) for Android & iOS

    The Nissan Driver’s Guide is an application based on Augmented Reality Technology. It helps the driver/owner to learn and understand detailed information about a particular button or switch or a warning light. Augmented Reality function recognizes vehicle content (steering wheel buttons/ switches, navigation and audio system, climate control system, warning lights) through the camera of your smartphone. It is a platform for all Nissan European car model’s App.


    • Individual language download.
    • Manage content on server / cloud.
    • Dynamic app skeleton where adding more car and language will be possible for the future cars.
    • Multiple server handling feature that if one server goes down, it can try another.
    • Design adjustment for common app.
    • QA (Web service and Core App).
    • Language Add-Delete for each car.
    • Google Analytics Implementation.

    Products and Projects of DataSoft NEXT

    List of the Projects:

     1. Financial Inclusion

             a. MicroFin360 NEXT and

             b. Co-op360

    2. Digital Payment Solutions

             a. Remit365 and 

             b. Pay365

     3. Agent Banking

     4. Core Banking (Temenos T24)

     5. AML Solution Suite

     6. Next e-KYC

    Financial Inclusion

    The availability and equality of opportunities to access financial services is referred to Financial Inclusion. MicroFin360 NEXT and Co-op360 are the two products derived from this concept.

    MicroFin360 NEXT

    MicroFin360 NEXT is our web-based solution for Microfinance Management. With over 42000+ users across Bangladesh and 13.5 million of beneficiaries, the project is used by majority of the microfinance institutions in the country. The features are-

    • Web based solution for day-to-day operations of the Monetary Financial Institutions (MFIs).
    • Large-scale cloud based (SaaS) MFI Management System.
    • Smart data center with multi-layered high data security.


    Co-op360, a financial inclusion core banking software for co-operative sector is capable of providing a modern, secure, and scalable technology platform with comprehensive features. Majority of cooperative societies in Bangladesh are users of Co-op360. The software’s features include-

    • Save money & time through Mobile Apps.
    • Control and monitor different organizational level.
    • Member Assessment and Credit Scoring.
    • Multilayer Security.
    • Scalable as the data volumes grow and can process faster than traditional solutions.
    • Add on modules – Smart Enterprise.

    Digital Payment Solutions

    This digital age demands easy access, convenience, efficiency and speed which has shaped a significant and massive market for the FinTech industry. With Remit365 and Pay365, we introduced people with seamless digital transactions in the country and abroad.

    Remittance Management System (Remit365)

    Remit365 is a real time remittance management solution for the Financial Institutes with advanced API integration capabilities.

    • Connects banks with partner Money Transfer Operator (MTO) for sharing Remittance Information.
    • Offers interface to multiple systems for both MTO and Bank to credit remittance to beneficiary at real time using different payment channels.
    • Aids banks to stay AML compliant before crediting the remittance to beneficiary.
    • Features include: Dashboard Driven, System User Management, Transaction Management, Money Transfer Operator (MTO), Fund transfer (GL account), MFS Payment, Cash Payment, Cash Incentive Calculation, Reconciliation, Robust and Reliable security system, Customizable and Parameterized Reports.


    Pay365 is a smart phone-based payment app to make payment easy, convenient and secure through your bank cards. It is replacing physical wallet, bank card, coupons etc. For Merchants, Pay365 is a Cashless, CRM, Financial Management, and Business Analytics tool that offers brand promotional platform i.e. loyalty program.

    A demonstration of Pay365

    Agent Banking

    Agent Banking is primarily supported by IT-enabled systems. Traditional banks have dedicated cyber security divisions, but the Agents lack the necessary competence to ensure that the monetary transaction system is secure. Hackers can easily exploit this vulnerability to rob these agent bankers. That is where our company shines in; creating a sophisticated IT infrastructure where customer’s money is secure with layers of added security.

    Core Banking (Temenos T24)

    DataSoft NEXT is the local implementation partner of Temenos T24 in Bangladesh. In 2016, Temenos topped both the IBS Intelligence League Table and the Forrester Pyramid, for sales of mission critical software for the banking and finance industry, for the last 13 years. DataSoft NEXT has an in-house expert team of technical and business consultants for the implementation of T24 Core Banking Solution. 

    AML Solution Suite

    AML Solution Suite is a robust workflow driven solution that allows Banks & NBFIs to effectively detect money laundering activities and comply with current and future regulations and guidelines.

    • Provides automated, inclusive and constant surveillance of all accounts, customers, correspondents, and third parties in transactions across all business lines.
    • Can monitor customer transactions, using customer historical information and account and peer profiles to provide a holistic view of all transactions and activities.
    • Has empowered customer onboarding through KYC CDD/EDD and risk profiling. 

    Next e-KYC

    Next e-KYC is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning based e-KYC solution.

    • Compatible with Web, Mobile and Kiosk allowing self-check-in by customer(s).
    • The Customer Relationship Management Department can use this solution to accelerate the onboarding process of new customers.
    • System workflow is engineered based on Bangladesh Bank’s e-KYC guideline and designed with modern fraud prevention technologies.

    Mobile apps are essential software. Application software may serve a specific or multiple purposes including education, lifestyle, social media, productivity, entertainment and games.

    Having worked with major international brands and NGOs, DataSoft NEXT is one of the major contributors of this industry. The Leprosy Disease Tracker app was developed by DataSoft NEXT for the World Health Organization to keep track of Leprosy patients and take inputs from medical representatives. By working with influential companies in their respective sectors, DataSoft NEXT has a diverse portfolio with wide experience in developing mobile apps.

    Products and Projects of DataSoft NEXT

    List of the Projects:

    1. Leprosy Disease Tracker

    2. Metlife MOS 

    3. JCH - HVAC Automation

    Leprosy Disease Tracker

    The app was specifically designed to be used in leprosy hospitals and on-field health workers.

    Authorities can locate the current whereabouts of the Leprosy patients on the map feature at the dashboard.

    The field-monitoring assistance can identify and locate most probable patients near by the current Leprosy patients.

    Medical Representatives can easily give input into the mobile application which are regarded as reference for further medical check-up process.

    Metlife MOS

    The app was designed and developed to get rid of paper forms and replace them with digital forms, reducing human error as well as help boost policy sales by 5 times the average amount.

    • Insurance Manage
    • Insurance Product Calculation
    • Data Wipe-out
    • User Audit Trail
    • User Access Controls

    HVAC Automation

    The app was specifically designed to solve the problem of controlling, monitoring and utilizing industrialized HVAC AC systems from remotely anywhere, at any time. The app has two modes for users:

    1. Operator Mode and

    2. Installer Mode.

    The following features are most prominent on this solution:

    • Gateway on-boarding
    • Project creation
    • Zoning
    • Operations
    • Scheduling

    JCH - HVAC Automation

    Products and Projects of DataSoft NEXT

    We have a wide spectrum of products to cater your specific business needs.

    Being a highly process driven company, we undergo robust quality testing to ensure flawless, round the clock, and world-class performance.

    All our products come with strong post sales services and client support.

    List of the Projects:

    1. National Mega Project

    2. Land & Port Management System (LPMS)

    3. Toll Management System (TMS)

    4. Container Management System (CTMS)

    National Mega Project

    We have done different projects of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) including both Functional and Non Functional development along with testing.

    National news coverage of our automated solution in the Largest port of Bangladesh

    Land & Port Management System (LPMS)

    LPMS is implemented to automate Benapole Land Port.


    • Improved productivity through the elimination of manual tasks.
    • Greater operational efficiency achieved through automation repetitive tasks.
    • Improved “truck-turn-around-times”.

    Toll Management System (TMS)

    TMS is offered to the private organizations to provide reduced travel time and increased level of service to end users.

    IoT (Internet of Things) based toll management solution designed and developed with the aim of automating the toll collection process of DR Congo’s most economically important Matadi Bridge.


    • Auto calculation and collection of tolls eradicated human error.
    • Better governance guaranteed by proper monitoring and security measures.
    • Reduced travel time.
    • Increased level of service to end users, ensuring more revenue for the Govt.

    A model demo of Toll Management System by DataSoft team

    Container Management System (CTMS)

    CTMS implemented the Terminal Information Management System in Chittagong port CCT Berth Yard which is specially designed for sea ports.


    • Enhanced port efficiency and productivity
    • Reduced vessel turnaround time
    • Container Dwell time reduced by 70%

    Products and Projects of DataSoft NEXT

    List of the Projects:

    1. SDoc
    2. SMART Enterprise


    DataSoft NEXT’s solution to promote a paperless society is Sdoc. It is a comprehensive document management system that can be used to store large numbers of files which will help organizations to go green. It also stores relevant data of each file in No-SQL (MongoDB) database for fast retrieval. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature can extract text from image or pdf files and store for content searching.

    • Helps declutter offices.
    • Improves security.
    • Provides access to files or data from anywhere.
    • Enhances efficiency when sharing documents or collaborating with team members and boost remote working capabilities.

    Not only does our solution enhance efficiency but also improves security of docs and files and remote access for users.

    SMART Enterprise

    DataSoft NEXT created a SMART enterprise solution for the companies to discover ways to get rid of their competitors and flexible as well as customizable solutions which fit into any organization and adapt to its operational needs. It is a comprehensive cloud–ready integrated software solution for an enterprise to automate its back-office functions. This business solution integrates core business processes in real time and allows organizations to collect, store, manage and interpret data from various business activities. Its modules/features include:  

    • Human Resource Management
    • Payroll Management
    • Fund Management
    • Fixed Asset Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Vehicle Management
    • Finance and Accounting Management

    Currently SMART Enterprise has 26 clients from different industries of Bangladesh.


    A telemedicine platform has been created by team DataSoft NEXT to provide free quality medical services to the poor community who live in rural and remote regions of Bangladesh. Our product has thus far enabled the provision of healthcare consultation services for nearly 12,800 patients.

    Telehealth services deployed to marginalized communities

    Teledaktar Platform in Action


    Teledaktar” provides “Tele-medicine” services through remote delivery which includes health assessments or consultations over internet communications. This communication allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients using common technology, such as video conferencing, without the need for an in person visit. After the initial consultation, a personalized prescription is automatically printed out for the patients to purchase any required medicines from a local pharmacy. Another important part of the telemedicine service is to record the medical history of the patients in digital files which can be provided to the patients free of cost when requested if further treatment becomes necessary. 

    DataSoft NEXT has been a CMMi level 5, ISO 9001:2008 certified leading software product and services company in Bangladesh. Since 1998, DataSoft NEXT has a successful track record of delivering innovative and cost-effective technical services to customers in both corporate and public sectors undertakings. The services are:

    • Development Services
    • QA Services
    • Translation Services

    Development Services

    Alongside world-class product portfolio, we also offer customized services for both profit and non-profit organizations. By crafting intelligent and efficient systems that tailor to the exclusive needs of a wide array of our clients worldwide.

    We adapt project management procedures that comply with international standards. Furthermore, we have an exclusive team of certified professionals who relentlessly create and innovate to stir up unsurpassed services for all clients.

    Quality Assurance (QA) Services

    Our test engineers are experienced in both web and mobile platform testing from different industry domains. And so far, we have an excellent record of client engagement and service delivery.

    We offer:

    • Certified QA resources
    • International standard QA service

    Translation Services

    We can provide translation service-

    • English to Japanese
    • Japanese to English
    • English to Bengali and vice-versa